Space Wars. Turn-based space strategy. Click here to visit our SourceForge page.


        In 2100, the human race invented the space-jump - our first form of interstellar travel. We discovered a group of races, united under the Conclave. There were two main groups the strong, and the weak...

        Today you have come to rule our civilization into war. The old Conclave laws are falling behind, and there are new enemies and allies you will encounter. You will manage research, ship development, combat, economy, diplomacy and many more aspects related to ruling the universe.

       In your first mission, you would have to escape the Conclave barricade, and make a colony on one of the stars in the Alari sector. Now it is time to prove what you are worth. Good luck!



bullet Single-player campaigns, and missions against AI.
bullet Multi-player by E-mail, TCP connection, hot seat.
bullet A flexible map editor and trigger system.
bullet Up to 9 Players in a single game.
bullet Customizable races, you can create your own ones as well.
bullet Unique Technology trees, pictures, units.
bullet Close to life technology model, diplomacy, trade, resources, and other elements.
bullet Random map generator.


        The game concept itself, is very flexible. You are allowed to have galaxies of unlimited dimensions, thus providing the game ability to last for long, and be very intriguing. You could have a battlefield of 40x40 cells, or 20,000x20,000. This is ideal for tournaments, and long online games.

        The trigger system will allow you to do almost anything in the game.

        Custom races will allow you to have different strategies.

        The whole program is expandable - you can create better technology and resource models, maps, triggers, enough to make your own remake of this game.


       Each game could be unique if you choose random map. You and your opponent will not know what the map would be, and this makes the battle more interesting.

        Map trigger scripts will allow the map-makers to customize the behavior of the map, and randomize it.

        Random events, appearing all over the place, could transport your ships or even entire planets to another location. You may find new technologies, the conditions of a planet can change or anything else might happen (suns dying, planets exploding, asteroids appearing).

        And finally, no human thinks the same, so when you play head-to-head (or online) game, you are going to get a random game automatically

      Credits / Development Team

        Andrei Lisovoi                    Manager & Developer

        Mark Lu                               Developer

        Harmanto Nguyen              Developer

        Manuel Salvatore                Developer

        Alanna Aker                        Graphics Designer.